AM4 Litter - Born July 23rd, 2008 from 2:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 3 boys and 6 girls, Mandy's largest litter of blues and silvers.  This litter is just as nice as the AM3 litter puppies and tested with wonderful temperaments and very good conformation, however will be very large.   "Sterling's" offspring make fantastic service dogs - because of size and temperament.  A service dog needs to be 2/3 of a person's body weight for many handicapped people in order to steady them or help to lift them.  We are one of the few breeders who breed giants or royals that quallify for this.  This is one of the prime litters for this purpose.  The puppies of the AM3 & AM4 litters tested very highly in intelligence, social, and retrieving skills, as well as for search and rescue and tracking, and needless to say for obedience.  You can check out the AM3 litter pictures under Mandy's and Sterling's pages on the website to get a good idea what the AM4 puppies will look like as they mature.  


Mandy:  Penn Hip 90%/OFA-GD/VWD-Clear/CERF & SA-Neg  

Sterling:  Penn Hip 60%/OFA-GD/VWD-Clear/CERF & SA - Neg  



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Mandy pictured with litter at 2 days and 4 days of age - a proud Momma!!!



 AM4-3  Blue Male at 6 months 51.6#   Now Neutered $1250.00 Ltd. (2nd pol M)  (SORRY SOLD)

Very nice puppy, good family companion - service/therapy dog - obedience. "Georgie" is delightful to work with!

       "Georgie" was reserved before birth but due to economic pressures his family had to move their deposit to a future litter, then he was reserved to ship back East as a service/therapy dog but with all the snow in December/January he couldn't ship, grew so  much in size that it would have been over $500.00 to ship him, so his 2nd family now have a Daynee puppy instead, then he was reserved again as a service/therapy dog by a senior couple who had been told they could have a dog in their condo, only three days later to be told they couldn't have one, as the entire complex was going to go pet free even though four other families currently had dogs.  He is now neutered and has had his Rabies vaccination, is crate and kennel trained, and is doing very well on his house breaking, grooming training, leash training and has now completed his puppy vaccination and worming protocol.  All of his 8 littermates have passed their "well puppy checks" with flying colors and are delighting their new families.  He is dellightful to work with, always looking to please, and plays well with other pups and adults.  He is starting to "blue" beautifully, and has very much the "teenage" look right now, and has a coat like crushed velvet.