Updated July 2013



 We will be continuing our service of boarding both standard and miniature poodles - although as of July 31st, 2013 rates will be $16.00/day for standards and $12.00/day for miniatures.  We are sorry about this increase, but upon checking with regular kennels understand that we are still below most kennel rates, however your poodles are kept in a family home.  We ask only that you provide their kibble, treats, a toy, and a family shirt or blanket, and occassionally your poodles own crate and pad.  Because we are a licensed kennel now it is also mandatory that you bring us a copy of proof of current rabies vaccination and kennel cough vaccination, and we would like your poodle treated with Frontline Plus or Advantix before bringing them - as there has been such an outbreak of fleas, ticks, lice and mites in Oregon and Washington this past year, and with those parasites come other parasites and diseases.  We provide most of their soft food (home made) and supplements.  You can also schedule your poodle for grooming while with us.

It is also important that you provide any emegency contact numbers that are needed.

Most of our miniature puppies are boarded with Mishelle (Horizons), most of the Standards are boarded with Bonnie & Walt (Friendships).

$12.00/day for miniatures and $16.00/day for standards AND YOUR OWN SUPPLY OF KIBBLE, CANNED OR HOMEMADE FOOD, AND SUPPLEMENTS..

Please don't hesitate to call with any questions that you might have.

Whenever possible our boarded poodles live with the family, getting daily playtime with others of their age group, and interaction with any visitors that we might have.  We love having our own puppies come back to us as it gives us a chance to relate with them and their families, to watch growth patterns and behavior patterns, and at times to give suggestions for changes in diet or training.  This also helps with our planning for the breeding of future litters.