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This Litter In Conjunction with Cindi Stawicki, OR


CM1 Litter Update - 4 weeks - "Cameo" x "Kit"  DOB:  June 12th, 2006


Hi everyone,

The puppies are growing by leaps and bounds now, have had their first worming, been started on walks outside and on softened kibble with cottage cheese and goats milk.  We just did their first grooming, so here are the before and after pictures.  All reservations are tentative until after temperament testing and conformation evaluations are done at 8 weeks of age.  All silvers and blues are born black, so the colors are also tentative at this age.  We can usually tell silvers by 8-12 weeks of age, the difference between blues and blacks can be a little more difficult, however we can usually tell the lighter skin tones on the face by eight weeks of age.



        CM1-1  Blk/Blu Female  BW:  .14 oz   4 wks  5.02#                                            CM1-2  Blk/Blu Male  BW:  .15 oz   4 wks  6.02#


        CM1-3  Blu Female  BW:  .13.5 oz   4 wks 5.04#                                                CM1-4  Blk Female  BW:  .13.7 oz   4 wks  5.04#  (Res-OR)


        CM1-5  Blk/Blu Female  BW:  .14.3 oz  4 wks  5.04#                                        CM1-6  Blu Male   BW:  .14.7   4 wks 6.02#  (Res- CAN)


        CM1-7  Blk/Blu Female  BW:  .13.5 oz  4 wks  6.0#                                CM1-8  Blu Female  BW:  11.5 oz     4 wks  4.08#  (Res-OK)


        CM1-9  Blu Female  BW:  .14.5 oz    4 wks  5.08#                                                    "Cameo" with pups at 4 weeks - playing & nursing!!!


CM1 Pups at 4 weeks, and almost able to get out of box - ready to start going for walks and an x-pen!!!