THE NEW "POODLE PARLOR":  Mishelle is now grooming full time out of her new "Poodle Parlor" - still needs some finishing touches, but is working out very well, and is more easily accessible to all of our poodle families.  It's light and bright, and easy to heat and cool, depending on the season.  Pictures will follow soon.


THE OLD GROOMING SHOP CONVERTED TO "MY OFFICE":  The old grooming shop has been converted into my office, so that we have the second bedroom available again to use as it was intended.  I also could never keep the computer system cool enough in there during the summer months.  The new office may be small, but its comfortable, quiet, and everything is within reach to keep poodle records, do accounting, and be a storage area for all the necessary notebooks, etc for our poodles and upcoming litters.

THE NEW "QUILT STUDIO":  Walt & Mishelle's brother-in-law started work on my new "Quilt Studio" on July 15th, and finished it in time for my 68th birthday on September 1st.  It's beautiful, and I can't wait to be able to start designing again.  I've missed quilting terribly these past 10 years (Walt said it would only be 1yr) since everything was all boxed up in totes and put in storage.  We still have to set up the quilt machine itself and get it serviced.  The studio is beautifully light and bright, yet has features to protect my fabrics from fading, has a full "feltwork" design wall quilted bedspreads from twin size to king size.  The new studio is constructed entirely of salvaged materials to keep our costs down.  Pictures will follow soon.

THE PROJECTED NEW "POODLE PUPPY DEN":  Still in the planning and doing stage is the new "Poodle Puppy Den" - which is the other end of the "Poodle Parlor".  It will be equipped with a small full service bathroom, counter space - more like a small apartment for whelping, showing puppies, and being able to have visitors overnight for a night or two for taking classes, etc.  We hope to have this completed by Spring 2012. - There just didn't end up enough time in 2011 to get it all done.

Our Goats:  We have also sold all but four milking goats, which Mishelle has taken over as well.  We still have goats milk available for show dogs, and for puppy litters.  Canned milk is available the year round.  Fresh milk is only available from approximately June to December.  We also have supplied goats milk and goat colostrum to vets for orphaned animals, and to families raising llamas, alpacas, foals, etc.  It's the best substitute milk in the world, and there is hardly any species that we have not contributed to raising on goats milk through our almost 40 years in dairy goats.