H2 Litter - Born July 23rd, 2008.  Heidi produced a beautiful litter of 3 black and 1 blue male puppies.  Heidi has been bred to Porter (Penn Hip 60%, VWD Clear - will have pedigree soon) a beautiful really dark brown young male.   Heidi evidently does not carry her mother's brown gene so we did not end up with any browns or silver beige.  Porter is such a deep brown that he appears almost black in his photo below.  This should be a high quality litter with pups available for breeding/showing, as well as with good working drive for agility/rally, etc.  Two of these males are extremely large, and the temperaments will be wonderful.  Heidi's waters broke at 4:30 PM on Tuesday evening, she went into pre-labor at about 7:00 PM, and hard labor at 10:00 PM, at 11:30 we still didn't have a puppy, as the largest male was in a breech presentation and was not advancing.  My own vet was on call, so we made arrangements to meet at the clinic at 12:30 AM, and Mishelle headed down to meet me at the farm, load everything for Heidi and the pups, and get headed in.  We made it up the hill, and about 1/2 mile from home when I felt Heidi start contracting again, felt back under her tail, and sure enough the puppy was finally into the birth canal.  We pulled off at the gravel quarry and proceded to get all the supplies out of the case and deliver the puppy in the back seat of her car at midnight, turned around made it back down the hill to home in time to deliver the next two, and finished with the last delivery at 2:00 AM.


           Intl CH Kaycori Heidi Ho pictured at 2 yrs of age....and....Porter Von Zephyr at 18 months of age   

Heidi just a few days before whelping enjoying our bed!!!


Heidi in preliminary labor 7-22-08 7:00 PM


Heidi with her new H2 litter 12 hours old - very tired but contented!!



and pictured at 1 week of age with weights.


H2-1 Black Male  1.02.6# gaining 3-4 oz/day - at 1 wk 2.08.5#  Horizons Ford Taurus (born in the back of the car)


H2-2 Black Male 1.00# also gaining 3-4 oz/day - at 1 wk 2.03.2 Horizons Mountain Climber (always on top of his Mom)


H2-3 Blue/Silver Male 1.02.2# also gaining 3-4 oz/day - at 1 wk 2.04.5 Horizons Night Time Traveler


H2-4 Black Male .10.5 oz gaining 2-3 oz/day - at 1 wk 1.07.8  Horizons Quick Stop


Pups at 1 day of age - filling 1 edge of the warming tray.  H2-2 the mountain climber at 1 day of age!


Puppies at 1 week of age - filling almost the whole warming tray.  H2-2 at 5 days almost falling off the other side!

The puppies although large started nursing on Heidi immediately.  She is a great Mom, and she and the pups are all doing great.  Watch for updates every few days.