H2 Litter - Heidi x Porter - at 4 weeks of age.

Here they are again before & after their first grooming, and having a cereal feeding and their first walk outside!!!

Pictured at 4 weeks of age!!!


   H2-1 Black Male  Horizons Ford Taurus (born in the back of the car)  "Taurie"   7.04#


H2-2 Black Male   Horizons Mountain Climber (always on top of his Mom) "Montie"    6.00#


    H2-3 Blue/Silver Male    Horizons Night Time Traveler  "Travis"   5.08#


. H2-4 Black Male   Horizons Quick Stop "Topper"   5.02#  (Reserved)


Nursing Heidi at 4 weeks - oh how they have grown, and having cereal feeding.



First trip outside for a walk at 4 weeks!!  Hey Mom, it's a big world out here!!!