H2 Litter - Heidi x Porter  DOB:  July 23rd, 2008

Here are the boys again on another adventure to the farm the week before school starts!!!

Pictured at 5 weeks of age!!!


   H2-1 Black Male  Horizons Ford Taurus (born in the back of the car)  "Taurie"   9.02#


H2-2 Black Male   Horizons Mountain Climber (always on top of his Mom) "Montie"    7.02#



    H2-3 Blue/Silver Male    Horizons Night Time Traveler  "Travis"   7.08#

Note:  His decided to "travel" on his own out of the photo shoot!!!


. H2-4 Black Male   Horizons Quick Stop "Topper"   5.02#  (Reserved)


Nursing Heidi at 5 weeks - still growing like the weeds in the lawn which they had fun running through..    


Finding outside lots of fun at 5 weeks!!  

Ever try to get a litter of puppies to focus where you want them to at this age!!!!

"Porter's" family was visiting, and the puppies were absolutely worn out after the photo shoot, weigh in, worming, training session and playtime!!!  Jean says that the puppies are doing terrrific on their early house breaking training, they haven't pooed on the paper for a week now.  This is where walking them outside every couple of hours starting at 4 weeks of age really makes the difference!!!