H2 Litter at 6-7 weeks - Heidi x Porter - DOB:  June 23rd, 2008

Here are the latest pictures of the H2 litter boys shown at 6 weeks and 7 weeks with their weights.


  At 6 wks  11.0#     H2-1  Horizons Ford Taurus "Taurie"  At 7 wks  13.06#


At 6 wks  9.0#    H2-2  Horizons Mountain Climber "Montie"   At 7 wks 11.06#


  At 6 wks 9.02#    H2-3  Horizons Night Time Traveler "Travis"   At 7 wks 11.04#


  At 6 wks  8.04#      H2-4 Horizons Quick Stop  "Topper"  At 7 wks  10.06#

                Watch for updates every few days.

The H2 litter came to visit for a couple of days for their second grooming as Jean had to work at that time.  The boys are absolutely delightful and doing wonderfully on their house breaking.  Jean is doing a great job with them.  They adjusted into life here at the farm both in the house and in their play yard without any difficulty, even with the much higher level of activity, noise, etc that is constantly going on here at the farm.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of all the puppies.  Jean and Mary are finding out just how much work there is to raising standard poodle puppies, and taking pictures of them to share with all the families.