Update Jul06


Walt & Bonnie Hansen Mishelle Plummer - Amity, OR 97101

In Conjunction with Breeder Brenda Thorpe, OR

CM1 Litter – Born June 13th , 2006    AKC Litter #: Pending COI: 1.51 @ 76% 1380/2046

SIRE: Intl Ch Friendships Pepik "Kit" PR053478/04 COI: 1.70 @ 67% 1380/2046

DAM: Intl CH Friendships Sapphire Gem "Jenny" PR044650/03 COI: 3.24 @ 96% 1972/2046


          "Kit" at 18 mo                                 SS: "Shiloh" at 5 yrs         SD: "Dotti" at 2 yrs in Czech.           SGGS: "Raven" at 5 yrs.

"Kit" is a beautiful deep brown, has a wonderful personality, can be very vibrant and yet very gentle. He has recently earned his adult International Champion title.  . "Shiloh" is three generations of Friendships breeding and is owned by Debbie Euker in Montana. His dam "Dotti" was our 6 yr old Czechoslovakian import, and is titled in 5 European countries. We also have his sisters "Kayla" and "Daynee". "Daynee", "Kayla" and "Kit" all Penn Hipped at 90%. with no degenerative joint disease (DJD) or hips dysplasia (HD).  Great grand sire "Raven" was our beautiful black male who was well known as our "British Gentleman" – and also well known for producing our "gentle giants" with wonderful working temperaments, mellow dispositions, and early maturing with a high level of intelligence. We expect "Kit" to carry on the legacy of  GGGS "Raven"(tragically lost at 9), GGS "Saxon" (11), and his GS "Cary" (11). Combined with "Jenny" we expect this to be an outstanding litter .


   "Jenny" at 3 yrs  3 weeks pregnant                     "Jenny" Head                      DD: "Lexi" at 2 yrs.                          DGD: "Windy" at 7 yrs                  DS: "Sterling" at 3 yrs.                     DGGD: "Cassie" at 7 yrs.

"Jenny" is a beautiful blue"Lexi" x "Sterling" daughter, with a wonderful temperament and beautiful conformation. very like her dam and great grand dam "Windy" (now 11 yrs of age). "Lexi" (now 7 yrs) is a delight, having a loving personality and gentle disposition.  "Jenny" is a fourth generation Friendships poodle – following in  dam "Lexi's" and great grandmother "Windy’s, and great great grandmother "Cassie’s" (Intl & Vet CH Friendships Cassandra Too – now 13 years of age) paw prints. "Cassie" and "Windy", both at 7 years of age and after several very large (12-15 puppies) litters, not only earned their titles the first three shows, but also were Best of Breed, and "Windy" was Best of Breed, Best Bred by Exhibitor and then Best Veteran and Best Bred by Exhibitor in the entire show for 2 of the 3 shows. Unfortunately "Jenny" did not carry her dam's brown gene so this has ended up a beautiful blue and black litter.  "Jenny" has also competed in AKC shows, going reserve winners bitch.

All of our puppies are started on house training, crate training, grooming training, beginning obedience, and will have started their vaccination and worming schedules. Get deposits in soon, as this litter will go fast. "Cameo" is clear on all genetic testing.

Pet males will start at $950.00, pet females at $1050.00 at 8 weeks of age. Pick of the litter puppies additional $200.00, breeding rights additional $100.00 and conditional contract. Deposit is $250.00 with $100.00 non-refundable. Puppies kept beyond 9 weeks will increase $25.00/week to cover vaccinations, wormings, food, treats, grooming, etc. until pick – up, or shipping in case they are ready when you are needing to be on vacation, etc. None of this litter will be sold to foreign buyers or for export unless they are spayed/neutered before leaving the farm at 4 months of age..