Update 4/15/06

In Conjunction with Breeder:  Linda Zook, OR - Starry Mtn. Standard Poodles

MD4 Litter at 6 weeks - "Madeline" x "Kit"   DOB:  February 12th, 2006

Prices quoted are to 10 weeks of age.

The puppies are growing up so beautifully.  At six weeks they are learning to play, and are following the beginning obedience commands that we started at 5 1/2 weeks of age very well.  They already respond to a soft clap and a "come, babies" command, a "let's walk" command, and the commands "in" and "out", and of course "go potty outside", as well as "watch my feet".  They are well started on solid food, and will have their first vaccine this next week.  Their coloring is beautiful and they are starting to show their different personalities.


   MD4-1  Brown Female         $950.00                          MD4-2  Black Female - Reserved - 2nd pick of litter female  $1050.00 Ltd


MD4-3  Black Male - Reserved  - Pick of Litter Male  $1150.00 Ltd  MD4-4  Brown Female - 3rd Pick of Litter Female  $1000.00 Ltd


MD4-5  Brown Female - Reserved   - $950.00 Ltd     MD4-6  Brown Female - 1st of Litter & 1st Pick Female - $1150.00 Ltd

MD4-7  Brown Male - 2nd Pick Male - $950.00 Ltd