Update 4/15/06

In Conjunction with Breeder:  Linda Zook, OR - Starry Mtn. Standard Poodles

MD4 Litter at 8 weeks - "Madeline" x "Kit"   DOB:  February 12th, 2006

Prices quoted are to 10 weeks of age.

The puppies are now in a new stage of mental development, as well as gaining in coordination and play tactics.  At eight weeks they are learning to run and play with more force and cunning, and are learning from siblings how sharp their new "needle" or canine teeth are.   They have been trying them out on each other - which starts several scuffles a day.  They are also getting better at playing "dodge em" during their play time - learning defensive and aggressive moves with their siblings.  The puppies underwent their temperament testing on April 9th and conformation evaluations on April 15th.  Due to the birth of "Ginger's" litter we did not get the eight week grooming done in time for this picture session, and also some of the puppies were not happy about having to pose for the first time on a table, as a result some of the eight week pictures are not the best.  This entire litter scored excellent on feet and pasterns, the very foundation of a good dog for less wear and tear on upper joints as they age.  We hope to get their next grooming done this week and have more lovely pictures to show off to everyone.  Pictures & weights are at 8 weeks of age.


MD4-1  Brown Female    8.04#     $950.00 


         MD4-2  Black Female  10.02# - Reserved - 2nd pick of litter female  $1050.00 Ltd


MD4-3  Black Male  10.08# - Reserved  - Pick of Litter Male  $1150.00 Ltd


  MD4-4  Brown Female  8.02# - 3rd Pick of Litter Female  $1000.00 Ltd

Temperament testing - Best of Litter


MD4-5  Brown Female  10.06# - Reserved   - $950.00 Ltd


     MD4-6  Brown Female  9.08# - 1st of Litter & 1st Pick Female - $1150.00 Ltd $1250.00 Unltd

MD4-7  Brown Male  10.0# - 2nd Pick Male - $950.00 Ltd