Update 11/12/08



Hi Everyone

***We have just one of Mandy's AM4 pups and three of Heidi's H2 pups born July 23rd, 2008 still available.  The pups have just turned 16 weeks of age and have completed their temperament testing and conformation evaluations, are crate trained, kennel trained, well started on house breaking and grooming training, vaccination and worming protocol and are ready to move to their new homes.  Four deposits were moved to 2009-2010 litters, resulting in making these puppies available at this time.  The puppies are now featured on the Standard Started Pups page instead of the Standard Litter Page.


***Due to some health issues (our own - not our poodles), stress (I just turned 65 - and haven't had any "personal" time in almost 8 yrs), the need to get our house in order and complete the remodeling on the old farm house I have decided to eliminate our black and brown lines for the next year or two, and then re-assess.  As a result Daynee will be spayed after whelping and weaning her litter, and will be available as a pet.  Kayla is available to be placed for breeding.  Please see the individual pages on Daynee and Kayla under our Standards listing.  I will be retaining Kit for stud service, and will be continuing in our miniatures in the black and brown, but for the time being will be retaining only Sterling, Yonnie and our new addition Tiki to continue our blue & silver standard lines.  Mishelle will not be breeding any apricot miniatures until late 2009, but we will be breeding Yonnie to Django for a blue, silver and apricot standard litter in Spring 2009.

***Upcoming Shows we plan to attend.     Sorry - none until the Rose City Classic in January in Portland.

***All of our puppy owners from the past years - we have many outdated e-mail addresses and mailing addresses as many of you have moved or changed servers.  Please contact us with your new info as we can't send you new health info on the lines your poodles are from if we don't have current information.  Also with the failure of two computers in the past two years we lost a lot of e-mail info, so please help us out.  We are dropping the viclink.com address for e-mail and the old website this year, so it is also important that you send your information to the e-mail addresses as listed on the contact page.


To all the families who already have our poodles, and all of you who are looking for that special addition to your family for both pleasure and working fields.  Big things are happening at the farm - all started in 2007, and continuing on into 2008.

Nov 08:  Work is still in progress on the old farm house.  Needless to say we missed the goal of having Mishelle moved in by March, and are now aiming for January 09.  They are working on spackling the drywall, and sanding it down getting ready for primer and paint, and almost ready to start laying down the sub floor.  We are going to be able to leave the original floor in what is now the family room, and part of an original wall is another area - to show off the history of the house (140 years plus).

Walt is finally home full time and working away at all the storm damage from the ice storms of 2003 and 2004, and at cleaning up years of farm accumulation of old appliances, vehicles, stoves - oil and wood, old farm equipment, fencing, etc - making trips with batteries and scrap for salvage.  And there are lots more trips to go, cleaning up the accumulation of years and generations of family.

At the same time the decision was finally made that Mishelle would join us here at the farm, as the county would not allow her a kennel license where she currently lives up on the hill above us (three miles as the crow flies, seven miles as we have to drive it).  At the same time the county did allow us our kennel license, so we will be making a few changes but not many - and are a fully licensed kennel now.


Progress is being made - even if it doesn't look much like it!!!!

The hardest decision was which house Walt and I would live in, and which house Mishelle would live in.  I love the old homestead house and have had so many dreams for it for the past 30 years, just waiting for Walt to be able to work on it to make those dreams come true.  Now however age and health are catching up with both Walt and I, so it has been decided that Mishelle will fulfill the dreams for the old homestead house.  The house is over 160 years old.  Many of our families that have puppies from our first few years of litters have shared some visits in the old home.  The rooms were small, with lots of small doorways, and very small windows.  It's single wall construction - no two-by-fours, hand hewn 17" beams underneath, and lots and lots of square nails - worse to pull than any nails made today.  The old house has been virtually emptied from top to bottom - thanks to Mishelle's hard work, many of the walls have been opened up, with ceiling beams being added, larger windows have been put in, and all the beauty of the old house is beginning to come to life the way I had always dreamed it would.  Walt and Mishelle are doing almost all the work, with help from Mike and brother Kenny.  All of the old linoleum has been removed, and the natural wood floors in areas are going to be sanded and re-finished, as is part of the ceiling.  Mishelle has added some of her ideas for the renovation, and a new open stairway is also going to be added.  It's exciting to see it all coming together.  It's also been fascinating all the historical things we are finding in walls, window casings, mouse nests between the layers of floor and ceiling, etc.  Advertisements from the mid 1800's, tokens from war times 1930's-1940's, wall paper dating to the 1800's.  Mishelle plans to make a special notebook with everything when the house is completed.

In the meantime the newer home (1968) is handling a lot of overflow, both with puppies litters being trained, adult standards and miniatures - and lots and lots of stuff - over 30 years accumulation covering 5 generations of family - to be sorted and found a place for.

"Tasy" with TS5 pups - born September 16, 2007

If everything goes as planned we hope to have Mishelle moved into the old house by March 2008.  Construction has already begun for turning the old wood shed into a new grooming parlor - with full bathing and grooming facilities, and a lounge area for showing puppies, with a photo area for photographing all of our poodles and those who come for grooming.  We are also contemplating a special service of seasonal photographs of families with their poodles like we have for years with our puppies, and for our brochures.  

Also in the plans is a new quilt shop, since three rooms of the newer home (it was my work house) had been used for this.  Currently my quilt shop is all boxed up and occupying the garage.  It will be so lovely to have a place to design and sew again, and maybe I can show our quilted items and goat milk soaps at a few bazaars again.

We also plan to enclose part of the deck on what will be our house to better accommodate puppies in crate training, and free up living room and dining room space.  The newer home unfortunately does not have a family room, which is sorely needed - and we may be able to plan for in the future.  This will also reduce a lot of the "dust" created by litters of puppies and adults coming in from playing in all the rain and mud so typical of Oregon.  It was one thing to clean the feet of two poodles going in and out - those were the days.  Now I am 15 years older and currently have 4 adult standard poodle females, 4 miniature poodle adults, and 10 sets of puppy feet going in and out of the house multiple times a day.  No they don't shed, and no they don't smell like wet dog when they come in from the rain - but boy do we dirty a lot of towels trying to dry them off, and the amount of dust they produce as they dry is unbelievable when we have storms like recently.

Cassie, Molly & Mandy watching Walt do Backhoe work!!!

The milk barn, hay shed, and loafing shed - along with all the fences are still under reconstruction after extensive damage to all from 1/3 of an oak tree coming down in the middle of the night branch by branch (each as big as a tree itself) on Labor Day of 2006.  So I am milking in a stall in the kidding barn.  Mishelle and I still have to figure out how we are going to divide farm buildings and pastures to accommodate her horse and goats and chickens as well.  It's hard to believe but we didn't suffer any heavy damage from the recent wind and rain storm to hit the Pacific Northwest.  Mishelle's farm and ours suffered so much damage in fall 2006 thru winter of 2006-2007 that I guess we didn't have a lot left ready to give in to this last storm, which we are very thankful for.  We did suffer some roof damage to what we call the Friendship House, which Walt has been repairing all this past week.


You can't see the milk barn, hay shed or loafing shed for the oak branches that came down.  Milk barn suffered the most and the hay shed was gone!!!!

We ask everyone's patience in the coming year as we are making all of these changes.  Once all is said and done it is going to make such a difference.  Mishelle will be here for grooming, access to the new grooming shop will be more convenient and visitor friendly, especially for classes.  Two or three of us will be able to groom at the same time - which will help with getting ready for shows or open houses.  The old grooming parlor is going to be transformed into my office - no more computer desks taking up space in the house, and cabinets full of supplies for shows, PR, vet reports, etc.

Hopefully by the end of 2008 everything will have a place of it's own, but in the meantime we are dealing with a lot of chaos.  Hopefully in 2009 we will be able to start some repairs and renovations to the newer (our) house.  With Mishelle just across the driveway we will be much better able to help each other - especially with whelping, and covering for each other for shows and travelling.  She is also going to learn to use the computer - to help with PR, e-mailing, and website updating.  Mishelle will be retaining her Horizons Kennel name - and will continue at this time to breed her beautiful apricot/red miniatures and standards.  We will continue to be Friendship Farm 'N More, and plan to continue to breed the black and brown miniatures and standards, as well as our beautiful silver and blue standards.  We will continue to offer stud service in Standards - Silver/Blue and Brown lines, and Mishelle will be offering stud service in miniatures - black and apricot, and in standards - black and apricot.

Ginger with litter born June 3rd, 2007 out of Sunny

Once we have Mishelle and all of her menagerie moved to the farm, then we will still need to do all the preparation for selling her 5 1/2 acre farm and home (2 year old beautiful manufactured home) up on the hill (on timber deferral), secluded with deer that visit, and a beautiful view.  Know of anyone interested???

We will be continuing our service of boarding both standard and miniature poodles - although as of January 1st, 2008 rates will be $12.00/day for standards and $10.00/day for miniatures.  We are sorry about this increase, but understand that we are still below most kennel rates, however your poodles are kept in a family home.  We ask only that you provide their kibble, treats, a toy, and a family shirt or blanket, and occassionally your poodles own crate and pad.  Because we are a licensed kennel now it is also mandatory that you bring us a copy of proof of current rabies vaccination and kennel cough vaccination, and we would like your poodle treated with Frontline Plus or Advantix before bringing them - as there has been such an outbreak of fleas, ticks, lice and mites in Oregon and Washington this past year, and with parasites come other parasites and diseases.  We provide all their soft food (home made) and supplements.  You can also schedule your poodle for grooming while with us.

Mishelle is also continuing to provide beautiful grooming of all sizes of poodles, as well as teaching the grooming classes.  Classes are all one-on-one classes, and your poodle gets groomed at the same time for less than many groomers charge.   $60.00 for a pet clip class of approximately 4 hours, 4 hour show grooming class $75.00/session for a miniature, $85.00 per session for a standard.  For those who want to fly in and take a complete show grooming class - 3 days of class:  miniature $275.00, standards $375.00. This includes staying in our motor home, but does not include meals.  Classes will be approximately 6 hours per day.

Also for the next year or so we will not be marketing puppies for our group or mentoring new families wanting to get started in the breeding and/or showing of standard poodles. We will fulfill the commitments we have already made, just won't be adding to our work load for the next year.  We will be taking a good look at the end of 2008 and decide what we can carry for 2009, which will also depend on what our economy is doing.  Do keep an eye on the "Litter" page for updates, and litters needing reservations.

Mishelle has reduced her showing to just shows close to home.  We limited the number of litters we produced in 2007, and are going to continue this into 2008.  We will only produce litters if we have reservations for the puppies for the next year at least.  We are getting a lot of marketing competition from the "doodle" breeders, even though our puppies are priced lower and the parents have had more comprehensive testing, and the puppies more training.  This is leaving all of our associated group with older puppies to be fed, trained and held onto until we can place them with the family they deserve.  This gets very expensive for us and very labor intensive.  We have lots of families wanting browns, reds and apricots, as well as blacks.  Many of them wanting females.  Many breeders are feeling this same crunch as our small group.  Economy for families is also taking a hit from the high gas prices - commuting takes more and more of the family $, leaving less for luxury items - such as pets.  We have maintained our same prices for over 10 years regardless of the increase in grooming expenses (supplies, blade sharpening, equipment maintenance & replacement), good organic kibble and soft foods, supplements, veterinary costs, genetic testing, etc.

Also for all of those who new him, Jonathan is back with us with his lovely new wife Elizabeth.  They design new websites for businesses.  Elizabeth is learning to bath and dry puppies and helps with their training, while Jonathan is helping once again with kennel and farm chores, and giving Walt a hand with any heavy lifting.  It's nice to have more young people around again.  We're also giving them a helping hand while they get their business established.

Elizabeth with TS5-1 Friendships My Little Tramp at 6 weeks of age.

We wish for everyone, in these busy times, a happy and prosperous New Year.

Walt & Bonnie & Mishelle