TM1 LITTER - TIA X NEXUS - DOB:  2/27/09

Here are the latest pics of the new TM1 pups, taken at 6-7 wks with their 7 wk weights,

as they are being prepared for their trip to Friendship Farm 'n More, Amity, Oregon for their temperament testing and conformation evaluations.


TM1-1 Brown Male    6 wks 7.09.5#    7 wks 9.11.0#  


 TM1-2  Brown Male      6 wks 7.11.5#    7 wks 9.14.0#


TM1-3 Brown Female      6 wks 5.11.0#    7 wks 6.14.5#


TM1-4  Black Male      6 wks 6.14.5#    7 wks 8.14.5#


TM1-5 Black Female    6 wks 5.09.0#    7 wks 7.04.0#


TM1-6  Black Female   6 wks 6.09.5#    7 wks 8.04.0#


TM1-7 Black Female    6 wks 6.05.0#    7 wks 7.11.0#

TM1-8  Brown Male    6 wks 6.15.5#    7 wks 8.12.5#


TM1-9 Brown Male    6 wks 7.01.0#    7 wks 8.10.5#



Marlene & Mike, and of course Tia - with all 9 puppies will be at the farm in Amity, Oregon for their temperament testing and conformation evaluations on April 24th-26th.  All puppies sold in California will be going back home with Mike and Marlene, all puppies sold in Oregon will be staying with us at the farm.  They will all undergo their crate training for a few days and will be ready to go to new homes by May 1st, 2009.  They will be started on their vaccinations at that time as well - as per the new vaccination program and will be tattooed in their left ears with their puppy ID numbers.  The puppies must have a "well puppy check" with their families veterinarian within 10 days, and their tattoo must be read and noted in the vet records to put into effect the two year from date of birth genetic health guarantee.  Get your deposits in soon as 5 of the 9 puppies are now spoken for.