Update 12/07                                                                                                                    INTL & NATL CH FRIENDSHIPS SPARKLING CAMEO

PR034717/09  DOB:  11/18/2003  PENN HIP 90% OFA GD VWD-CLEAR SA-NEG 


"Cameo" earning Natl Ch Title at IABCA show in Puyallup, WA Oct 2006

Dec 2007:  "Cameo" is a sweetheart, another wonderful  mellow "Sterling" daughter, very much loved by all and especially by owner Cindi Stawicki or Oregon.  Cindi is having fun showing and breeding Cameo, with Mishelle's assistance in grooming.  She was also a wonderful mother to her first litter out of "Kit", but like "Jenny" also did not carry her mother's brown gene, and therefore produced an all blue and black litter.  In 2008 Cameo is to be bred to Patrician Gypsy Tramp'n Thief, a beautiful silver male owned by Michelle Slater.  We are very excited about this litter and are currently taking deposits.  This blue and silver litter will be due in early spring 2008.


"Cameo" after having her first litter went on to compete for her Ehren Championat (Honor Champion) title on the International Show Circuit in April 2007.  We will have those critiques soon.

A composite of Cameo's critique's at her second set of shows (six months after whelping) from the Evergreen Fall Sieger Oct 2006 International Show in Puyallup, WA from Judges Jane Roppolo, Martha Huber and Evie Sullivan is as follows:

Judgement:  Extra happy, elegant, happy lively attitude.

  1. Overall Impression: Little too heavy, well proportioned, mature - rectangular.
  2. Coat:  Dense and crisp, dense, good texture.
  3. Head:  Balanced, proportions good, good planes.
  4. Bite, Mouth: Excellent, scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, good expression.
  6. Ears:  Well set on, good.
  7. Chest:  Deep, ample, moderately developed.
  8. Front Angulation:   Good, angles are good, good bones, feet.
  9. Back Angulation:   Good, moderate bend, moderate.
  10. Topline:   Level, firm, near level.
  11. Tail:   Well set on, set a bit low, well set.
  12. Movement:   Hard to see, but looks true, springy, fair on the go around, playful.

Thanks to Judges Martha Huber, Evie Sullivan and Jan Roper to awarding "Cameo" her legs to complete her National Champion Title.


"Cameo" earning her International Champion title at the IABCA show in Albany April 2006

"Cameo" entered her first series of IABCA shows in Albany, OR in April 2006, very pregnant with a litter of 9 pups, and suffering from morning sickness.  She still went in the show ring and competed beautifully for her owner/handler Cindi Stawicki, showing at her very first show as well.

Judgement:  Nice head proportion, nice bitch, good prospect, good personality, good expression, responsive.

  1. Overall Impression: More rectangular than square, acts lazy or tired (due to morning sickness), well presented.
  2. Coat:  Good texture, great condition.
  3. Head:  Well developed, typy, bit wide in backskull, feminine.
  4. Bite, Mouth: Scissors, good.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, oval.
  6. Ears:  Well set, correct.
  7. Chest:  Deep, well developed, good depth, to the elbow.
  8. Front Angulation:   Good bone and layback, good forechest, nice layback, moderate.
  9. Back Angulation:   Moderate, great rear, inner thigh, needs longer stifle, compliments front.
  10. Topline:   Levlel, falls off a bit on croup, firm.
  11. Tail:   Well set, good, carries high.
  12. Movement:   Clean, good reach and drive, close in rear, moves well.

 Many thanks to judges Jane Roppolo, Richard Samide, Honey Glendinning, Patti L Smith.



PP580577/02 DOB: 03/01/1999 OFA25G/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR


Pictured at 4 1/2 years of age just before whelping her first litter of 10 pups.





CM1 Litter - Intl CH Friendships Sparkling Cameo (Madeline x Sterling daughter) x Intl CH Friendships Pepik "Kit" - Litter was born June 12th, 2006 and again "Cameo" did not carry her dam's brown gene either.  This is a beautiful blue and black litter.  "Cameo" (almost three weeks pregnant) and "Kit" earned their adult International Titles in April at Albany, Or at the International Dog Show.  This litter is in conjunction with 1st time breeder Cindi Stawicky, OR.    We will have a picture page for Cameo after the International Show as well.  See Madeline and Sterling pages listed in the menu.


CM2 Litter - Planned to be Cameo x "Bailey" Patrician Gypsy Tramp'n Thief.  Cameo is due in heat end of December 2007, so if she is on schedule this beautiful blue and silver litter should arrive around the middle of March and be ready to go around the  middle to end of May 2008.  We are currently taking deposits on this litter.  Pet males will start at $850.00, pet females at $950.00.  Pick of the litter pups for breeding/showing will be an additional $200.00 Ltd, $300.00 Unltd.