Update 12/07


PP666897/02 DOB:  6/10/2002 OFA24GD/SA-NEG/PRA-NEG/VWD-DNA-CLEAR


Sorry, we cannot currently access the computer where "Gracie's" adult pictures are stored.

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Friendships Elusiv Grace "Gracie" is another delight in the life of owner Annette Gregg.  Annette is hoping to take her on the International Show Circuit in 2006 to try for her International Champion title.


Intl CH CC's Sid's Surprise Lucille "Lucy"


Intl CH Tritons Red Eye Special - Bred by Arlene Mills, Crabapple Downs, NH

Owned by Jean Belt, OR

 Gracie has produced two beautiful litters with "Sterling", and there are a few beautiful blue pups still available. 



                                                                        GR1-7 Friendships Blue Stardust - now residing in Alaska

GR2:  "Gracie" x "Sterling"  Breeder:  Annette Gregg in Conjunction with Friendship Farm 'n More  DOB:  April 28, 2005.  Available:  2 blue females, 3 blue males - including 1st & 2nd pick of the litter males.  These puppies have been raised around cats, other small breed dogs, and children.  They have completed their puppy vaccination program, been grooming trained since 4 weeks of age, are crate trained and started on beginning obedience, and have been travelled and socialized.  They were temperament tested at 8 weeks of age and did very well.  The two boys left are wonderful mellow natured, beautiful male pups, now turned one year of age.  They are in the process of being neutered, having some additional training, and are ready for the first buyers who come along at the right time.  They are sweethearts just like their father "Sterling", although in slightly smaller packages.  They may be a tad bit smaller but they are built solid like "Sterling" and have so much of his wonderful nature.  Absolutely great as family companions and service or therapy dogs.  Will have new pictures soon on the web soon - or e-mail for pics on GR2-3 Samson, and GR2-4 Sebastian.


1  Blue Male - pick of the litter - still available from the GR2 litter - Friendships Elusiv Samson - Now 2 1/2 years of age.  DOB:  4/28/2005.  "Samson" is a delightful male, very mellow, with a slight touch of independence.  He is neutered, is up to date on his vaccination and wormings, and has had travel training, grooming training, and been raised in family surroundings.  His brother Sebastian went to his new home in Spring of 2007, and has been delighting his new family ever since.