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PR053478/04 DOB: 10/20/2004 PENN HIP 90% NO HD/DJD/VWD-CLEAR/CERF-Neg

Nov08:  CERF/SA-Neg  June2010:  NE/DM-Clear


"Kit" at ringside mooning over "Tia" in the ring (she was in full standing heat)!!!

April 2012:  "Kit" has produced some really beautiful, wonderfully natured puppies for us and for several other breeders throughout the Pacific Northwest, but we are beginning to see a decline in his sperm count which is typical in the male dogs as they age.  He is being neutered the end of May and will be available to a good home in June 2012.  Due to our county limiting the number of poodles we can have, even though we are a licensed kennel we are forced to neuter and place him.  Our county is only allowing us to have 10 poodles for Horizons, and 10 poodles for Friendships.  Since we breed both miniatures and standards and like to keep our own studs this really limits us, as the county also counts any poodles we are boarding for our families that own our puppies that limits each of us to about 3-4 breeding miniatures and 3-4 breeding standards.  In the past we hardly ever placed our retired poodles in other homes, they always lived their lives out with us - as they are also very much loved members of our families.  "Kit" is very people social, is current on all of his health needs, he is a sweetheart for his grooming.  He is a "thinker" and needs time to adjust to new surroundings, but loves to please.  He gets along well with all of our other poodles and has a mild nature.

September 2010:  If you are interested in using our beloved "Kit" for stud service in the next few months it is important that you do so.  "Kit" will be going to a new home no later than February 2011 as a stud - but will not be quite as accessible as he is here.  Due to economy we have placed a number of our lovely "Girls" and now only have "Yonnie" (silver/blue lines) and "Kit's" sister "Kayla", who he is not allowed to breed.  Those of our lines that he could breed have many been spayed.  Because of his value to the poodle gene pool and the wonderful temperament and health of his puppies we are going to place him with a friend of ours who is a breeder.  We actually have two offers for him, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast - both breeders that we have known for several years.  We do ship fresh chilled semen on "Kit"  ($850.00 plus travel expenses), and will continue to do so until he goes to his new home.  At six years of age he still has an outstanding sperm count with motility and longevity.    This is another reason we made the decision to place him as a stud, which I do not usually do, after using three males for live breeding that were not able to perform and had very low sperm count with no motility or longevity - resulting in the expense of three breedings, travel expenses and ultra sound on the dams and no puppies.  "Kit" has always produced litters of 9-12 puppies, including with artificial insemination.  His puppies temperament test with some of the highest retrieving instincts that we have seen over entire litters, with moderate to high working drive. Several are working service/therapy dogs, and several are doing agility, rally and in other working fields.  "Kit" will be six in October so is being placed while he still has the ability to perform several years of productive breeding.

December 2007:  "Kit" is finally starting to settle down a bit as a stud dog, and finally realizes that everything with a tail is not his to breed.  He is very gentle and loving, and his offspring are lovely.  Kit is available to a few select females each year.

July 2006:  Well, we can truly say we have done it all when it comes to the show ring.  "Kit" was absolutely the teenage clown of the Spring International Show in Albany, OR and we "thank heaven" that the judges had a good sense of humor - as will be seen by their critiques.  Mishelle was almost ready to swear off ever showing a teenage male again, when we turned around and there was a Bull Mastiff (about 200#'s worth) flattening a black lab female to the ground while his poor handler tried to pull him off.  "Tia" and "Daynee" were in full season at the show, as were a number of other bitches, which had "Kit's" hormones raging - as was very apparent in the show ring.  As a result "Tia" beat him soundly for Best Bred by Exhibitor in the adult division - as they both had to be in the show ring competing with each other.  Marlene (Tia's owner) had also entered Tia and Kit in a brace entry (two matched dogs showing on one lead) - not realizing that Tia was going to be in heat.  Needless to say that entry was scratched - which each judge agreed was a wise move.  All in all it was a miracle that Kit earned his title as little as his feet were on the ground, but the judges - Ms. Jane Rappolo, USA, Mr. Richard Samide, USA, and Honey Glendenning, Canada - and Mishelle as handler were all wonderfully patient.  Following is a composite of "Kit's" critiques:

Judgement:  Very nice type (distracted by bitch in season); nice male - good example of breed, good show prospect; good attitude.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Square; needs brain transplant (girl in season) well conditioned.

    2.)  Coat:  Good texture; good condition; nice texture.

    3.)  Head:  Well developed; typy; bit too much cheek.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Scissors; good.

    5.)  Eyes:  Brown, near oval; dark; well set.

    6.)  Ears:   Well placed; well set; correct.

    7.)  Chest:  Deep, well developed; good depth, forechest; could be more developed.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Good bone, layback; good - balanced; nice layback.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Strong, good turn of stifle; good - balanced; well angulated.

   10.) Top line:  Level; okay.

   11.) Tail:  Well set.

   12.) Movement:  Light, spry, some side winding; hops - skips - jumps - trots also; balanced.

            (This was where Kit really showed where his mind was - he did anything but move nicely - kept trying to look behind him at Tia.)


Kit earned all three legs of his adult International Title.  Hopefully his next show will be without females in full season.

Pictured at 8 months at International Show, Seattle, WA June 05.

"Kit" earned his Junior International Champion Title at 8 months of age at the International Show in Seattle,, WA in June 2005.  The following is a summary of his critiques as a puppy:  "Kit" was interesting at his first show weekend as he discovered "hormones" - "girls" waiting for the next class were in standing heat.

Judgement:  Nice balance, however lacking in attitude this day, good representative of breed, typey, well put together, proportioned.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Healthy energetic male, excellent condition & appearance, good condition, nice outline..

    2.)  Coat:  Excellent texture, color, good pigment..

    3.)  Head:  Beautiful shape, proportioned.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Proper dentition, correct, sound.

    5.)  Eyes:  Expressive, alert eyes, good pigment and shape, dark and well shaped.

    6.)  Ears:  Good leather length, well set, frome head, good length.

    7.)  Chest:  Nice age development, well developed, good width for size.

    8.)  Front angulation:  Well assembled, good, shoulder angle, strong bone.

    9.)  Back angulation:  Sound and firm, good, well placed hock, good stifle.

   10.) Top line:  Good motion/action, correct.

   11.) Tail:  Proper set, pleasing carriage and setting.

   12.) Movement:  Good action, outstanding front and rear, quick, true, good rear drive.


3 X Best of Breed Puppy, 2 X Best Bred by Exhibitor, 2 X Group First, 1 Reserve Best Bred by Exhibitor In Show


"Kit" has passed his hip testing with wonderful scores, and will be available in 2006 for limited breeding.  Watch for him in 2006 on both the International and the AKC show circuits.  We are very proud of our "boy".



Dam:  Intl Multi CH Atlanta Black Diamonds and Pearls


          Pictured in Czechoslovakia at 1 yr         Pictured at 6 1/2  yrs of age after arriving in Oregon

Sire:  Friendships Shiloh Garden owned by Debbie Euker, MT


"Shiloh" pictured at 4 years of age.

Kit has now sired 5 beautiful litters of puppies, and is available for service.  His puppies have a wonderful working drive, poodle type, and a high level of intelligence.  He is producing puppies with very true black coloring, and very deep brown coloring.  See the pages for Madeline, Cameo, Jenny, and Gypsy Delight, as well as Valentine for information on his litters that have been produced.

Kit son Sold in conjunction with breeder Annette Gregg:  "Holmes" (GD4-5) PR095180/02  Black Neutered Male, 1 year old.  DOB:  December 9th, 2006.  $1250.00

Friendships Sherlock Holmes at 8 mo. (SORRY SOLD)


                         Aunt:  Natl & Intl CH Friendships Irish Velvet (Gypsy Sibling)

   "Holmes" is crate trained, kennel trained and grooming trained.  Again like "Jessie" he is a delight to work with, with a lot of working drive.  He has already been neutered, and is up to date on vaccinations and wormings.  He has had travel experience, and was raised with his breeder family for a good portion of his life.  Like "Jessie", "Holmes" is not a poodle for families with very young children, although he has shown his gentle nature with small children, we feel that his "working drive"  is better suited to a family with older children, or a family wanting to do agility, search and rescue or tracking with him.  He is highly intelligent and ready to bond with a family of  his own.  You can check out his family's pages under our standard listing from the menu:  Sire-Kit, Dam-Gypsy Delight (littermate sister to Velvet shown above) Grand sires- Cary and Shiloh, Grand dam - Dotti, Great Great Grand Parents - Saxon and Windy, Great great great grandparents - Raven and Cassie.  "Holmes" is now 1 1/2 years old, and loves to play in water.  He is beginning to settle down and become more adult in his behavior.  He is a sweetheart to work with and would be a delightful addition to any family.   

11/08  Holmes is in training to his new owner as a service dog and is doing remarkably well.

Click on button below to see pictures of "Kit's" latest litter:  DOB:  4-8-10