Update 12/07


                    PP58057/04 DOB: 3/1/1999   PENNHIP 90%/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-DNA-CLEAR



Int'l Ch In Orbit Friendships Alexis "Lexi" with a coat like crushed velvet, wonderful conformation, and beautiful disposition is a delight to work with.  She has a vibrant, outgoing personality, is very quick to train, and works well around children and baby animals.  She inherited a marvelous firm textured coat from her German import sire "Mickey" and holds her grooming beautifully.  "Lexi" cleared all of her testing with wonderful results.

"Lexi" earned her Baby International Title, her Junior International Title, and has now fulfilled the requirements for her adult International Title.  As a 9 month old junior here is a summarization of her critiquing:

Judgement:  Nice typey bitch, nice quality, lovely specimen, alert  youngster.

  1. Overall impression:  Nice black bitch, well balanced, nice head, young female in good condition.
  2. Coat:  Good, good puppy clip, good texture and color.
  3. Head:  Very nice, skull and muzzle well balanced.
  4. Bite, mouth:  Perfect scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Good shape, color and expression.  Well set.
  6. Ears:  Well set and carried, good length.
  7. Chest:  Well filled, deep enough for age.
  8. Front angulation:  Nice.
  9. Back angulation:  Excellent.
  10. Topline:  Excellent, nice and level, firm.
  11. Tail:  Set properly and carriage good.
  12. Movement:  Sound, good coming & going, adequate reach & drive.

Summarization of Lexi's written critique as a 21 month old adult was as follows:

Judgement:  Well presented, well groomed.

  1. Overall Impression:  Very feminine breed representative, attentive young lady, young female in good condition.
  2. Coat:  Good quality and texture, groomed beautifully.
  3. Head:  Good balance muzzle to skull, adequate stop, balanced with body, adequately balanced.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Perfect scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, oval, correct color, set, shape.
  6. Ears:  Well set, good leather & fringe, set on & carriage satisfactory.
  7. Chest:  Meets elbow, developed well for age, adequately let down.
  8. Front angulation:  Excellent front, very moderate lay back.
  9. Back angulation:  Good rear assembly, hocks well let down.
  10. Topline:  Very good, firm, level topline.
  11. Tail:  Well set, good carriage.
  12. Movement:  Good reach and drive.

"Lexi" earned her International Champion title and took one Best of Breed.

We were very excited about Int'l Ch In Orbit Friendships Alexis "Lexi's" first breeding being to Int'l Ch Friendships Raiding Saxon in the Summer 2001, as these are lines that we have crossed previously with outstanding puppies resulting.  They produced a gorgeous litter of deep blacks and creams - 12 pups, with a low inbreeding co-efficient of 3.93 @ 98%.  


A1-2  "Paris" at 8 wks  (Resides in Nevada)               A1-4  "Sidney" at 8 wks (Resides in Idaho)                       A1-5  "Zander"  (Resides in Oregon)


                            A1-6  "Puli"  at 8 wks (Resides in New Mexico)                A1-8  "Dolly" at 8 wks  (Resides in Montana)

A1-4  "Sidney" in Idaho enjoying the snowfall at just over 2 yrs of age!!!  From plump puppies to playful companions!!!

Lexi's sire Int'l Ch Flash of Lightning MacIntosh "Micky" and dam Friendships MKM Ladywind Too "Windy" are pictured below.  Lexi's littermates Intl Champion In Orbit's Aries,   In Orbit's Apollo, Intl Champion In Orbits Annie Oakley "Annie", In Orbits Aurora "Madeline" (who produced a beautiful litter of 10 blue and silver pups sired by "Sterling in November 2003) and In Orbits Athena (now re-acquired by Karin)  are also in the area, littermate In Orbits Sweet Clementine is at Shiloh Garden kennels in Montana.  "Aries" has also been trained and is working as a hunting retriever.

Intl CH In Orbits Alexis "Lexi" was bred to Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling in Spring 2004.   This litter tested very highly for retrieving instincts, search & rescue, tracking, with very high scores for people sociability and sensitivity testing, and with excellent attributes for agility and obedience work.  The over all conformation of this entire litter was extremely nice as was the Madeline x Sterling cross.


Again, in the dissolving of our partnership Lexi is now owned by Anna Eberhardt, but she will always have a corner of our hearts, and carry on the attributes of "Cassie", "Raven" and "Windy".

Littermate "Madeline" (owned by Linda Zook) was bred in Spring 2005, and produced a beautiful litter of 11 black, brown, silver beige and cream puppies..