Update 9/05


PP579900/01 DOB: 02/05/1999  PENNHIP50%/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR



"Lucy" pictured at 18 months of age at the International Show in Longview, WA 2000 


Int'l Ch CC's Sid's Surprise Lucille "Lucy" has wonderful style and conformation, beautiful flowing movement, and a friendly disposition that is a delight to work with.  She is a joy to show as she has a vibrant, outgoing personality, a natural curiosity, is very quick to train, and works well in a variety of situations.  She is wonderful around children and baby animals, and is showing wonderful herding instincts.  "Lucy" is a very beautiful cream, although she looks white, with very dark eyes, and a beautiful, well balanced, feminine head, very good feet, and wonderful reach and drive.  She could outrun all of our mature dogs (who are great runners) in our "play pen" (1 acre pasture), when she came to us at 8 months of age, and is wonderful to watch on the move.   

"Lucy" was shown in the Historically Correct Continental (HCC) trim - with a scissored topknot, and slightly shorter mane, as she had been entirely clipped down - head, ears and body when she arrived from Texas.  "Lucy" has now whelped four litters for us, producing beautiful, healthy, well balanced pups - many with high retrieving and water instincts, and many as wonderful "toddler" helpers.

A summary of her written critique from the International Show Circuit is as follows:

Lucy earned her International Champion title and was twice Best of Breed.

Breeding History:

1st Litter (L1 - COI 3.29)  bred to Int'l CH In Orbit's Aries - Produced 10 beautiful black, cream and light apricot puppies.  These puppies all tested very highly in obedience, retrieving, search and rescue & tracking, and as service dogs.  Many are in homes with toddlers.  Friendships Delightful Sprite was one of my favorite's from this litter, and went to her new home at nine months of age - and was retrieving for a three year old and an 18 month old (who worked very hard at throwing the ball) before she even left the farm to go home with them.  She is their constant companion, and looks just like her dam..

Friendships Delightful Sprite pictured at 9 months of age and owned by Randy & Darlene Cupp, WA.

2nd Litter (L2 - COI 3.22) bred to Intl CH Triton's Red Eye Special "Triton"- Produced 8 beautiful blue, silver & black puppies.  These puppies all tested very highly in search and rescue and tracking, and had good aptitude for guard dogs, and service dogs.


L2-3 Friendships Elusive Majesty "Baker" owned by Eden & Oliver Bailey, WA                L2-6 Friendships Elusiv Dream "Daphne" owned by Cathy & Dan Young, WA

    A gorgeous blue male with his Dam's elegance - 12 weeks.                                                    A  very happy silver girl with her Dam's delightful temperament - 11 weeks..


Also watch for offspring from Friendships Elusiv Grace - another L2 puppy who has been bred to Sterling twice, producing gorgeous litters of blue and silver puppies.

3rd Litter (L3 - COI 2.80) bred to Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling -  Produced 5 beautiful silvers and blues - all with wonderful mellow temperaments, and all are in homes with small children, except one who went to a groomer, and for breeding/showing.  Friendships Lord Byron has already earned his Junior International Title.  This litter tested very highly for obedience work, and as therapy dogs, and again are marvelous with infants and very young children..


L3-4 Intl Jr CH Friendships Lord Byron - owned by Jorg & Cheryl Drenkow, CA                  L3-5  Friendships Lord Nicholas "Nick"  owned by Raymond & Melanie Frisch, OR

Pictured at 6 weeks evaluation - went on to title at 7 months of age.                                          Pictured at 11 weeks - a beautiful pup in conformation and temperament.


"Byron" was brought to us to show in August, while his owners were on vacation in the Orient.  He is a wonderful representative of "Sterling's" offspring - having a wonderful personality, and very nice conformation with lots of poodle type.


The following is a composite of "Byron's" critiques at 7 months of age from the International Show in Hillsboro, OR in August 2003.


Judgement:  Delightful active puppy, very nice representative of breed, delightful temperament, has promise when he shows himself properly.

  1. Overall Impression:  Represents the bred, healthy, energetic, great attitude, balanced puppy that's very full of himself today.
  2. Coat:  Excellent, correct texture and length, changing from puppy color to adult.
  3. Head:  Well balanced, with good levels, muzzle could be slightly thinner, little broad in back skull, little more length in back face.
  4. Bite, Mouth:  Strong, scissors, needs underjaw.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, excellent pigmentation, correct set, shape, color.
  6. Ears:  Set close to the head, well set, good leathers, correctly set.
  7. Chest:  Well developed for age, good for age, good depth.
  8. Front Angulation:  Feet need attention, should be close (nails), very good, little straight in upper arm.
  9. Rear Angulation:  Correct length, rear bone equal size, good sound thigh.
  10. Topline:  Level, correct, firm.
  11. Tail:  Expressive, fits nicely in croup, a little low set..
  12. Movement:  Puddley, nice action in motion, very happy young man, difficult to evaluate..


4th Litter (L4 - COI 4.97) bred to Intl CH Flash of Lightning MacIntosh "Mickey" - Produced a beautiful litter of 6 silvers and blues - born July 15, 2003.  This litter has developed beautifully, and did very well on their temperament testing and conformation evaluations.  Two of the outstanding pups are Friendships Flash O'Fancy and Friendships Flash O'Courage "Cash".  Watch for them in the show ring.  "Fancy" is being retained by Friendship Farm 'n More, and "Cash" will hopefully be placed with a local family where we will have access to him for breeding once he has passed all of his tests.  This litter scored the highest of all of our litters produced to date, with the exception of possibly the Windy x Mickey litters in conformation..


L4-4 Friendships Flash O'Courage "Cash" at 6 months                                        L4-5  Friendships Flash O'Fancy  at 8 weeks evaluation.

Now resides in Washington with his new family.                                                       Now resides in Eastern Washington with her new family.

All of Lucy's litters have had a high level of intelligence, and are very quick to train and house break.  They are keen and alert, having many natural intincts for herding, search & rescue, tracking, therapy and service.  They are a delight to work with, and a delight to watch around small children.

With the dispersal of our partnership "Lucy" went to Anna Eberhardt and was subsequently retired.  She is greatly missed in our breeding program with her low inbreeding co-efficient, and the low percentage of Eaton, Haus Brau and Wycliffe lines, that made her pedigree rather unique with GDC, she is missed even more for her loving personality in our home.