AM1 Litter – Update Week 6 – August 12th , 2005  - “Mandy” x “Rojo”

Hi Everyone,

Boy, two weeks really goes by fast, and we had another day of grooming 18 puppies, only this time six of Madeline’s largest puppies stayed with us and joined Mandy’s litter. Mandy has even been nursing them, although we are cutting back the amount of her nutrition as we start the weaning process.  The puppies open crate bottom has now been exchanged for three small crates with no gates in their ex-pen in the house, so that they gradually become used to sleeping in crates, and Mandy just nurses them 3-4 times a day.  We have added cottage cheese to their soft food, and as they reach 7-8 weeks will start adding organic eggs, organic meats, and organic fruits and vegetables to their diet.  We try to stay away from meats that may contain low grade antibiotics and steroids, and away from fruits and vegetables treated with chemicals.  The more chemicals added to a dogs diet or to their bodies the shorter their life span will be.  The puppies have all had their second wormings as well.  We try to pose them as well as we can at this age, however they aren’t always cooperative, as being still is not one of their strong points, and they also have to learn to feel comfortable standing on a table – part of the grooming process for poodle puppies.  And boy, does it make a lot of pictures to edit before I can do the updates.  Tail sets are good on all the puppies – the pictures just might not reflect it.


       AM1-1  Apr Male  7.06#                                     AM1-2  Apr Male  8.06#                           AM1-3 Lt Apr Female  7.02# (Res)


         AM1-4 Lt Apr Male  8.00#                            AM1-5  Apr Male  8.00#                     AM1-6  Apr Male  9.02# (Res)


                                                                                AM1-7 Dk Apr Female 7.02#                                  


We hope you  enjoy the pictures!!  Share them around.  We are still taking deposits ($250.00) on the males in this litter.  Everyone take care and have a wonderful week, and safe travelling to those who are going on vacations.     In Friendship Always,  Bonnie & Walt,  Mishelle & Mike.