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H1 Litter – Update Week 2 – September 16th , 2005  - “Heidi” x “Coal”

Hi Everyone,

Mishelle held off just a couple of days on taking the two week pictures in order to allow the puppies eyes to open more completely, so that there would also be more personality starting to show in the pictures, however they still aren’t open enough to get good visibility in the pictures.  Again note how now the ears are totally hanging down, and are elongating as well as getting wider.  The puppies are beginning to move around more, and we now turn off the lights at night so that the puppies learn the difference between day and night.  They are also beginning to “bark” and “whine” when they want “Mom” – as much when they need to have help to “potty”, as when they are hungry.  They are also starting to pay more attention to their surroundings and to each other, and are becoming very competitive for Mom’s teats.  Their development will be very fast now compared to the first two weeks.  We are already half way through the “infancy” stage, and will soon be entering the “toddler” stage.  Pictures are at 16 days.  As you can see they are already on the move and pictures will become more and more difficult to take without an extra pair of hands.  We always try to include one picture of the puppies taking a bottle.  Hope you enjoy.  Remember blue & silver puppies are all born black, however we can usually tell by their 3rd grooming – 8-9 weeks what they are going to be.


        H1-1 Blue Female     2.01.8#             H1-2 Blue/Silver Female 2.01.8#  


              H1-3 Blue Male   1.12.1#                                    H1-4 Blue Female  2.05.2#


         H1-5 Blue Female  1.15.5#                      H1-6 Blue/Silver Female  2.01.0#  


   H1-7 Black/Blue Female 1.12.6#        H1-8 Blue/Silver Female  1.14.5#


      H1-9 Blue/Silver Female  2.02.0#            H1-10 Blue/Silver Female  1.08.6#

           H1-11 Blue/Silver Female  2.07.1#

 Heidi nursing 10 pups at 2 weeks.


 Take care       Bonnie & Mishelle