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H1 Litter – Update Week 4-5 – October 6th , 2005  - “Heidi” x “Coal”

Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a grooming week Mishelle has had with Heidi’s litter of 11 puppies, and Ginger’s litter of 4, as well as preparing four dogs – 2 miniatures and 2 standard to go to the International Show in Puyallup, WA this weekend.. This is one of the most exciting times that we groom the puppies as all of a sudden they don’t look like just “generic” puppies, but like poodle puppies.  This is also the age when we start seeing differences in personalities between the puppies, and more about their adaptability. That’s 15 puppies bathed, dried, clipped, fed, wormed, pottied, taken for first walks outside, and had pictures all in one the week.  Mishelle has be exhausted by the end of each day.  However it’s a hectic but fun week working with her puppies for all the work she still enjoyed  the time spent and started learning about the different personalities of the puppies through the grooming process.  The puppies are doing well on their cereal, and are now starting on softened kibble as well as their teeth are just beginning to come in.  The ears opened this past week so we also now start teaching the soft “come” commands.  They will learn about 5-6 commands in this next week.  A soft clap with a “come babies” command, let’s go “in” and “out”, let’s go “potty outside”, let’s “walk”, “watch my feet”.  Given the opportunity the puppies will absorb these words like little sponges and start building their vocabulary much like a child.  It’s a wonderful time of learning as well as learning to express themselves to their humans as well as their mother.   Mishelle uses a “doggy door” out to a kennel for a potty and play area – and the puppies are really enjoying investigating this new environment, and learning to use the ramp to go in and out.  Hope you enjoy all the pictures.


H1-1 Blue Female                                            H1-2 Blue/Silver Female                                  H1-3 Blue Male


H1-4 Blue Female                                           H1-5  Blue Female                                              H1-6 Blue/Silver Female


H1-7 Black/Blue Female                                   H1-8 Blue/Silver Female                  H1-9  Blue/Silver Female


                                H1-10 Blue/Silver Female                       H1-11 Blue/Silver Female

Everyone take care as we begin to enter this Holiday Season.  In Friendship Always                          Bonnie & Mishelle