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Hi Everyone,

This is the update front page for your three ring notebook with dividers that we suggest you get.  It details the litter parentage.  The pages that you get in the coming weeks will include puppy pictures and details of the puppies growth and development through the weeks until you pick up your puppy.  It is important in all future correspondence that you refer to the litter number, and when you get your puppy to your puppies individual ID number.  Because we market not only our own puppies, but puppies from beginning breeders who are getting established with our breeding lines, the litter ID numbers are becoming essential, as my memory is just not what it used to be, and many “call names” are identical, as are a number of owner names now that we have been in the business of breeding poodle puppies for ten years.


                                            MD3 Litter – DOB: July 2nd, 2005           AKC Litter #:     PR065142/01-11                     COI:  1.96 @ 86%  1772/2046 

                                            SIRE:  Chocolate Covered Calvin “Calvin”                            PR041196/01                          COI:  2.41 @ 74%  1530/2046

                                            DAM:  In Orbits Aurora Madeline “Maddy”                       PP580577/02                           COI:  3.24 @ 96%  1972/2046


Sire “Calvin” is a beautiful soft brown male, approx. 26 ½” at the withers, and approximately 60# when evaluated at 1 years of age.  “Calvin” has a wonderful gentle disposition, and adapted into our home while his family was in Texas for a college graduation, like he had always been a part of our family.  He was a delight to have around.  Combined with “Maddy” we expect this to be an outstanding litter of blacks, browns, and possible creams and apricots, or even silver beige and café-au-laits.  They both bring the full color spectrum into play from their backgrounds, but more importantly the temperaments of the litter should be outstanding, as was the “Maddy” x “Sterling” litter two years ago – and are still being raved about by their families.


 “Calvin” a growing teenager at 1 year        A very elegant boy!                   “Maddy” at 2 yrs. - very pregnant              D: Intl & Vet CH Friendships MKM  

                                                                                                                                   Ladywind Too “Windy”                    

“Maddy” is a beautiful black,  with conformation very like her dam “Windy” (now 8 yrs of age).  “Maddy” (now 6 yrs) is a delight, having a loving personality and gentle disposition.  She is a third generation farm and herding dog – following in  grandmother “Windy’s, and great grandmother “Cassie’s” (Intl & Vet CH Friendships Cassandra Too – now 12 years of age) paw prints. “Cassie” and “Windy”, both at 7 years of age and after several very large (12-15 puppies) litters,  not only earned their titles the first three shows, but also were Best of Breed, and “Windy” was Best of Breed, Best Bred by Exhibitor and then Best Veteran and Best Bred by Exhibitor in the entire show for 2 of the 3 shows.  Linda is hoping to take Maddy” into the show ring one of these days as well where she  will hopefully continue the tradition.


 Maddy S:Intl CH Flash of Lightning MacIntosh                    Maddy’s GS: Intl CH Friendships Viking Ravenwind    Two “Sterling” daughters from Maddy littermates

We are expecting this to be another large (10-12) gorgeous litter.  The puppies will be temperament tested and have conformation evaluations around September 4th, and will be ready to start going to new homes around September 10th – 15th , with those being shipped going at 10 weeks of age approximately September 9th-11th.   As all of our puppies they will be started on house training, crate training, grooming training, beginning obedience, and will have started their vaccination and worming schedules.  Get deposits in soon, as this litter will go fast.  Maddy is clear on all genetic testing. Calvin recently Penn Hipped at 90% with no DJD or HD.


Pet males will start at $950.00, pet females at $1050.00 at 8 weeks of age.  Pick of the litter puppies will be our regular additional amount.  Deposit is $250.00   Puppies kept beyond 9 weeks will increase $25.00/week to cover vaccinations, wormings, food, treats, grooming, etc. until pick – up, or shipping in case they are ready when you are needing to be on vacation, etc.