Update 9/05


PP612275/02   DOB: 02/14/2000  OFA36GD/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR




Pictured at 5 yrs of age winning her title at International Show April 2005 in Albany, OR

International Champion M and M's Chocolate Valentine, better known as Val by owners Marlene and Mike Jurkovich of California, is a delightful soft brown 5 year old who has made herself right at home with us several times - when she came for breeding, when she came for whelping (Mike and Marlene were on vacation in Hawaii), and when she came with Marlene for her show grooming, and to show at the International Show.  She has been a heavy competitor in agility for several years, but this was Val's and Marlene's first experience with showing in conformation classes.  "Val's" temperament and personality are so much like our "Cassie's" that it is like having a "Cassie" daughter in brown in the family when she comes to visit.  They are also very alike in conformation.  "Val" will be bred to "Kit" in 2006 for her last litter.

 A summary of "Val's" critiques at the age of 5 years from the International Show April 2005 at Albany, OR is as follows:


Judgement:  A little course, well balanced, proportioned, very nice temperament.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good attitude, showy, well presented, a little long in back.

    2.)  Coat:  Proper texture, excellent color, good texture, proper coat.

    3.)  Head:  A bit course, nicely formed, nice shape, nice head and expression.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Scissors, good dentition and gums, correct.

    5.)  Eyes:  Pretty, good pigmentation, correct size, shape and color.

    6.)  Ears:  Adequate, good carriage and set, nice set.

    7.)  Chest:  Could have a bit more, good age development, good depth, proper depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good, well assembled, could use better. good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Could use a bit more, good muscle tone, front & rear angles, good.

   10.) Top line:  A bit of a dip, nice topline in motion, back could be shorter, good.

   11.) Tail:  Cut a bit short, good carriage, good set, a little low.

   12.) Movement:  Nice, nice motion, side gait has more lift than reach, very nice moving.

 "Val"  was bred to "Raven" for her first litter at 4 1/2 years of age, and produced a beautiful black and brown litter.  Friendship Farm 'n More retained "Falcon" as an addition to our breeding program, and Mike and Marlene retained "Tia" as a future producer for their family, as well as a contender in agility trials.  Marlene showed "Tia" for her first International Show at 5 months of age, and found it a challenge as she had been training "Tia" for agility.  As a result "Tia" was sure that when she went into the show ring she should be allowed to do agility, not stand still and pose for the judge.  Tia will start competing in agility in September 2005, and will also try for her adult International Champion Title in 2006.  We are all very excited about her future.


Pictured at 5 months of age winning her JR Title, BOB and Group 1st in International Show, Albany, OR

 A summary of Tia's critiques from her first International Show in Albany, OR at 5 months of age is as follows:


Judgement:  Nice puppy, topline needs to develop, nicely balanced and formed female, promising young dog, in good condition.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good attitude, healthy, needs to be square, not quite square.  (Mostly because she wasn't staying on the ground)

    2.)  Coat:  Good puppy coat, correct texture & condition, good, proper.

    3.)  Head:  Good, nicely formed, feminine, nice expression, nice head and eye.

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Adequate, correct for the breed, scissor.

    5.)  Eyes:  Nice, good pigmentation, nice shape, good eye.

    6.)  Ears:  Good, well set, proper set.

    7.)  Chest:  Good for age, good spring of rib, nice depth, proper depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Good, well assembled, could use more layback, good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  Fair, good muslce tone, moderate angle, good.

   10.) Top line:  Fair, strong and firm, should be level, very slight roach.

   11.) Tail:  Proper, good carriage, good set.

   12.) Movement:  Very good, nice action, more lift than reach, good movement.


2 x Best Bred by Exhibitor Puppy, 1 x Group First Bred by Exhibitor

Valentine with "Raven" offspring "Tia" and "Falcon" - Best In Show Family Group x 2

It is planned that "Valentine" will be bred to "Kit" for her 2006 Spring litter.