Update 12/07


PP483687/13 DOB: 05/14/1996 PENNHIP 50%(at 6 1/2 yrs)/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR



"Windy" at 18 months                                           " Windy" at 6 1/2 years

"Windy" is a gorgeous Raven x Cassie daughter, with outstanding conformation and temperament. She has been very active all her life, running alongside endurance horses, being trained in the Oregon coast range, herding horses and other livestock, when necessary. At almost 10 years of age, now, she is still going strong and in excellent health.  "Windy" is an ambitious retriever, has been known to scale 5 foot fences to bring back her toy and diving off cliffs into water without hesitation. She successfully completed basic obedience, even though she was the class-clown. She also had time to produce several litters of lovely puppies, producing 6 litters totalling 69 puppies.  Her dam Cassie was out of a litter of 16 puppies, and definitely passed that prolifacy on to "Windy" who produced 14 puppies in her first litter, and then 15 in her second litter, then settled down to 10-11 puppies per litter.

At 6 1/2 years of age, we decided to give the International Show Circuit a try and "Windy" not only walked away with her International & Veteran titles, she also went BIS Bred-By-Exhibitor Veteran all 3 shows.  A summary of her critiques were as follows:

Judgment:    Well balanced, good bitch, perfect type for puppies, excellent feet, well put together, good condition for age, proportioned.

  1. Overall Impression:  Good attitude, balanced pleasing outline, 6 yrs old bitch, sporting clip fits type for size.
  2. Coat:  Excellent texture, good pigmentation and texture, white, dense, thick double coat.
  3. Head:  Nice feminine expression, proportionate, pleasing planes, very breed typical.
  4. Bite:   Mouth:  Proper dentition, correct, good lip pigment, scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Correct shape and set, dark, well shaped.
  6. Ears:  Beautiful set, frame head nicely, good length and fringe.
  7. Chest:  Well developed,  well let down, pleasing width, well built.
  8. Front Angulation:  Moves free & easy, well knuckled feet, reasonable shoulder placement, balanced true.
  9. Back Angulation:  Well muscled, muscular developement, good angles, balanced true.
  10. Top line:  Strong & level, straight and strong, firm back.
  11. Tail:  Good carriage & set, uses merrily, well carried, slight slope, docked upright.
  12. Movement:  Correct movement, covers ground well, nice side gait.

"Windy" was retired in April 2004 and now lives with a wonderful retirement family in Eastern Oregon.   "Windy" was the foundation bitch for my previous partner Karin Benker when she established MKM Kennels in 1998.  Watch for "Windy's" succesfull daughters: Lexi, Athena, Maddy, Annie, Clementine, and sons Apollo and Aries and their offspring, and grand daughters and grand sons, and now her great grand daughters and great grandsons.  The legacy of Cassie, Raven and Windy goes on..

"Windy" produced beautiful blacks and apricots with "Saxon".  (Litter W1) - All healthy at 9 years of age.  The best known of these is "Shiloh's" dam Joy - in New Mexico, and Mandy's dam "Casseiopeia" - in Utah.

Intl CH MKM Casseiopeia Raiding Windsong at 3 yrs of age.

Beautiful blacks and blues with "Mickey" (Litters W2, W3 and W4) - W2 - All healthy at 8 years of age. (See Lexi, Madeline, Athena & offspring)


    W3 & W4 - All sold in Texas, FFNMORE has no records or pictures.  If you have one of these puppies we would love to hear from you and to see some pictures..

A beautiful litter of blacks and browns with "Cary"  (Litter W5) -  All healthy at 4 1/2 years of age. (See "Babushka")

And her final litter of blacks and browns out of Canem Dei Tudorose Rupert "Tugs" (owned by Jac Harbour, OR) (W6 litter) - All healthy at 3 1/2 yrs of age.

         W6-7  Black Female