Update 12/07


PR01473306   DOB: 02/05/2003  Penn Hip 90% NO HD, SA-Neg, CERF-Neg, VWD-Clear on DNA



Mandy at 4 1/2 years of age, 10 weeks after her 3rd Litter!!!


                                                                                                Her whimsical look!                                              Pictured at 2 years.

Mandy is a beautiful cream female, representing 3 generations of Friendships breeding on the mother's side. She has correct structure, gentle personality and due to her love of water, is a challenge to try and keep in coat. Mandy is a sweetheart and a joy to work with.   She has 10 teats, oodles of milk, but tends to produce smaller litters (unlilke her dam, grand dam, and great grand dam) with lots of males.

New International Champion Karbits Amanda of Friendship earned her title at 3 1/2 years of age at the latest International Show in Puyallup, WA October 15th & 16th, 2005, 15 weeks after whelping in a beautiful kennel clip - permissable on the International Show Circuit for a brood bitch.  Her show picture is definitely not the best as they were showing in a dirt arena, and coping with lots of rain and mud.and very cold weather.

The following is a summarization of Mandy's critique's at the International Show at 3 1/2 years of age in Puyallup, WA October 2005:

Judgement:  Mature example of breed, could carry less weight, nice girl, good breed type.

  1. Overall Impression:  Well presented, nice temperament, a bit reserved but sweet, square, lacks self confidence today.
  2. Coat:  Little lacking due to recent pregnancy, kennel clip, texture good, good condition.
  3. Head:  Nice length of muzzle, nice balance, broad skull but a good muzzle, very typy.
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Correct, scissors, good underjaw, full dention.
  5. Eyes:  Nice, dark with good pigment, too round, light brown, dark rims, dark, expressive.
  6. Ears:  Correct set, good length, prendant, frame face, well set.
  7. Chest:  Well developed, to elbows and correct width, lacks forechest but good depth.
  8. Front Angulation:   Good, nice bone, tight feet, smooth shoulders and good front, good - balanced.
  9. Back Angulation:   Nice, good moderate stifles and hocks, moderate and muscular, good rear - inner thighs.
  10. Topline:   Little soft, level shorter loin needed, slightly soft.
  11. Tail:   Good set, not using to advantage, reluctant to use tail but good when she does, well set - needs to use.
  12. Movement:   Little close coming and going, good side, excellent and strong, moves clean with reach when focussed.

Following is a summary of her critiques from the International shows at 6 months of age:

       Pictured at 6 months 

Judgement:  Appears to represent breed, nice presence in ring.

        1.        Overall Impression:  Nice conformation, needs confidence in ring.

        2.    Coat:  Lacking hair for age, soft texture. (Had been totally clipped down at 4 months before shipping to Oregon.) 

        3.    Head:  Good pigmentation, balances to body.

        4.    Bite, Mouth:  Correct scissor, excellent teeth, good, strong.

        5.       Eyes:  Eyes dark, well placed, correct set, color, shape.

        6.       Ears:  Well set,  placed close to head, good leathers, set, proportion.

        7.      Chest:  Good depth.

        8.    Front Angulation:  Stands well over feet.

        9.       Back Angulation:  Good turn of stifle.

       10.     Top Line:  Firm, maintaining in movement.

       11.     Tail:  Well set, set nicely.

       12.     Movement:  Lacking ring experience, needs confidence.

1 x Best of Breed Puppy.

Mandy's Dam:  Intl CH MKM Cassieopiea Raiding Windsong

(Windy x Saxon daughter - Cassie x Raven Grand daughter)

Mandy's Sire:  Beau Leonardio


AM1 Litter:  Mandy was bred to Minarets Bandelero Rojo of Minarets Kennel, owned by Esther Underkofler for her first litter,  produced in July 2005.   Friendships purchased her from Karin Benker in August 2004 to carry on the tradition of Cassie and Raven and Windy.  She produced a beautiful apricot litter of 5 males, and 2 females, and has proven to be a wonderful mother.


AM2 Litter:  "Mandy" was bred to "Gus-Gus O'Shannon" owned by Marcia Shannon for her 2nd litter and produced a beautiful litter of apricots and creams.  Following the birth of this litter Mandy returned to the International Show Ring to earn her adult Intl CH title.  This was a lovely litter, with wonderful dispositions.


            "Goldie" at six weeks of age!                                    "Chas" at 9 weeks of age!                       "Mattie" at 9 weeks of age!


                    "Max" at 16 weeks of age!                                                    "Duke" at testing at 8 weeks of age!


                        "Becka" at 4 weeks of age!                                                            "Lincoln" at 8 weeks of age!

AM3 Litter - Born September 23rd, 2007 and sired by Sterling - appears at this point to possibly be an all silver litter.  Three of the male pups - there were 5 boys and only one girl - are going to be Giants (or Royals) like Sterling - who is 30" and 85# of absolutely wonderful temperament.  Four of the six puppies tested outstanding for being service or therapy dogs, or for working in search and rescue or tracking fields, or for active families.  The other two tested better to be with older families.  Three are going to be the lightest silvers we have had yet, and the other three look lilke they are going to be dark silvers, or light blues.  Remember that silvers and blues are born black, but you can definitely see the silvering already on the puppies, especially on the muzzles.  See additional pictures on the "Upcoming Litters" page and on Sterling's page.


AM3-1 Dark Silver Male                                AM3-2 Silver Male      (Large)                 AM3-3 Silver Male (2nd POL)(Large)


AM3-4 Dark Silver Male                                AM3-5 Dark Silver Female                    AM3-6 Silver Male (1st POL)(Large)

AM4 Litter:  Mandy's AM3 litter was so wonderful that the breeding was repeated with Sterling for the AM4 litter.  This was Mandy's largest litter to date with 9 puppies, and all are with their new families and are adored.  Click on the buttons to see all the pictures of the AM4 litter.

This was a wonderful combination and may be repeated in late 2008, although we may breed her to Kit for her next litter, and then again to Sterling in 2009.  Watch the Litter page for updates.  We aren't sure if she carries her Grand dams brown gene - if she does then she would probably produce some beautiful silver beige puppies with Kit, as she does carry a silver line.