Update 12/07


PP580577/02 DOB: 03/01/1999 OFA25G/CERF-NEG/SA-NEG/VWD-CLEAR


Pictured at 4 1/2 years of age just before whelping her first litter of 10 pups.

"Madeline" is a beautiful blue daughter of "Windy" and "Mickey", and like her dam has already produced a very large litter.   Maddy is a working farm dog, helping owner Linda Zook with chores in the barns and around the farm, as well as being a very beloved companion, however since Linda's husband took a bad fall, breaking his back, we have been assisting in the breeding, raising, and marketing of her puppies.  

It had been planned that "Madeline" would be shown on the International Show Circuit sometime in 2004, unfortunately priorities had to change after the accident, however three of Madeline's littermates have their International Champion Titles, as do both her sire and dam, and grandsire and granddam..  

"Maddy" was retired from breeding in late 2006, but Linda has a "Kit" daughter to carry on the legacy.

"Madeline" was bred in 2006 for her last litter to International CH Friendships Pepik "Kit" and produced a lovely litter of black and brown puppies.   Click on the buttons for the parent page and puppy pictures from the MD4 litter.




MD4-6 "Liza" resides with her family in New Mexico

"Maddy" was bred to Chocolate Covered Calvin, a beautiful young soft brown male for her 2005 litter.  



She was bred to Intl CH Friendships Lord Sterling for her first litter, which tested very highly in temperament, personality and conformation, and shows wonderful intelligence.

Here are pictures of Maddy with her litter by Sterling in 2003, a litter of 11 beautiful blue puppies, and the critiques on son "Desoto".


                    Madeline with her newborn pups - a good example of silvers and blues being born black.  Madeline with pups at 4 days of age.


                          MD1-10  Blue Female  "Savannah"  (Resides in Canada)                   MD1-7 Blue Male  "Toby"  (Resides in Oregon)


MD1-8 at 4 months of age - gorgeous head!  A delightful, mellow puppy.


MD1-4 Jr Intl Ch Friendships Lord Desoto a beautiful blue boy.  Penn Hip 90% No HD/DJD


Here is a summary of Desoto's critiques at 6 months of age at the International Show in Hillsboro, OR May 2004


Judgement:  Very finishable puppy, nice puppy enjoying his day out, nice young male, good attitude.

  1. Overall Impression: Very puppyish, little long cast, well presented, shows well for age, shows good breed type.
  2. Coat:  Good, puppy, nice depth of color, good texute puppy coat.
  3. Head:  Good, nicely balanced, nice planes, skull, muzzle, long lines.
  4. Bite, Mouth: Good, correct.
  5. Eyes:  Good, lovely, dark, a little round, proper set , good color.
  6. Ears:  Correct, good set, length, width, proper set & carraige.
  7. Chest:  Good, well developed, nicely developed.
  8. Front Angulation:   Excellent, a lilttle loose in shoulders, good feet, adequate, good substance.
  9. Back Angulation:   Excellent, nice for age, balances front, good substance.
  10. Topline:   Good, solid.
  11. Tail:   Fine, good, correct set, carries well on the move, set correct and carriage..
  12. Movement:   Good, moved well for age, little distracted - choppy - can do better.

Desoto was shown again at 7 months of age at the International Show in Seattle, WA - the following is a summarization of his critiques. in June 2004.

Judgement:  Very promising youngster, presentation to improve with more training.

  1. Overall Impression: Nicely balanced puppy, nice young puppy - good temperament.
  2. Coat:  Good color, soft, correct texture, nice condition.
  3. Head:  Lovely head, good expression, pleasing balance with body, more underjaw.
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Correct, scissors.
  5. Eyes:  Dark, well set, correct shape.
  6. Ears:  Well set, good set.
  7. Chest:  Good depth for age, good development.
  8. Front Angulation:   Good, good litte more length of neck, legs straight, good feet.
  9. Back Angulation:   Good, good turn of stifle, balanced.
  10. Topline:   Soft, level.
  11. Tail:   Set and carried correctly, nice high set.l.
  12. Movement:   Soundly, balanced..


Desoto was shown again at 1 year of age at the International Show in Longview, WA November 2004.  The following are his critiques fron that show:


Judgement:  Breed type is here, represents breed type well, nice young dog.

  1. Overall Impression: Nice impression, representative of breed, makes nice picture in ring, pleasing, happy, well presented.
  2. Coat:  Properly clipped, good shape, well groomed, good for age, harsh.
  3. Head:  Use a bit of refinement, a little overdone (grooming),
  4. Bite, Mouth:   Strong, big teeth, good scissor, excellent, good bite.
  5. Eyes:  Good eyes, good proportion, placement, dark, correct, expressive, nice eye.
  6. Ears:  Thick leathers, hang well, well coated, well placed, good ear set.
  7. Chest:  Deep, good strong ribs, developing well, good depth for age, nice depth but lacks front fill.
  8. Front Angulation:   Good, moved well, fairly good, stands well over feet, adequate front layback.
  9. Back Angulation:   Good bend of stifle, fairly good, uses hind quarters well, good rear angle.
  10. Topline:   Level, slightly too long, needs less loin.
  11. Tail:   Used well, carried correctly, good "poof", tail set and carried correctly, good tail set.
  12. Movement:   Moved well, moves well front, side, rear, covers ground well, open side gate.