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Heidi showing at Rose City Classic - January 2007

Photo taken by Vavra Photography at Albany AKC Show in February 2006

May 2009:  Heidi has now been spayed, and retired from the breeding and show world.  Jean has kept one of her sons from her last litter, and one son will be standing at stud in Montana.  Friendships and Horizons are continuing the line with her daughter "Yonnie".

December 2007:  Heidi is now co-owned between Mishelle and friend Jean Belt.  She is still beautiful and loving, but had a few rough months after losing her 2nd litter in the 4th-5th weeks due to an organic brand of the recalled dog food.  Fortunately her body was able to repair itself and she is back in good health.  Watch for updates on Heidi and her next litter in 2008.  Also check out her daughter "Yonnie's" page.  "Yonnie" is from her first litter, and is following the same show career and will possibly be having her first litter in Fall of 2008.

2005:  International Champion Kaycori Heidi Ho "Heidi" is a beautiful blue, with a wonderful loving temperament.  Shown recently at her first International Show she exhibited beautifully, with a lot of confidence and elegance.  She has a beautiful expressive head and face, and is great at meeting new people and experiences.  Her dam is Intl CH In Orbits Athena, full littermate to "Lexi" and "Madeline".  

Pictured at 2 years of age at International Show in Albany, OR taking Best Of Breed and Group 2nd

Following is a summarization of "Heidi's" written critiques from the International Show in Albany, Or in April 2005.


Judgement:  Nice bitch, well balanced/proportioned, nice breed type, nice outline, good balance overall.

    1.)  Overall Impression:  Good attitude, showy, square, nice square outline..

    2.)  Coat:  Nice, excellent texture, good, proper.

    3.)  Head:  Very nice, niceley shaped, nice head and expression..

    4.)  Bite, mouth:  Good, good dentition/gums, correct, scissors.

    5.)  Eyes:  Pretty, good pigmentation, good size, shape, color.

    6.)  Ears:  Nice, well set, nice set, good set..

    7.)  Chest:  Good, good spring of rib, good depth, proper depth.

    8.)  Front Angulation:  Adequate, good development, could use more layback, good.

    9.)  Back Angulation:  A bit straight, well muscled, good.

   10.) Top line:  Nice, good in motion, good.

   11.) Tail:  Could use better, but OK, follows croup well, well set, good set & carriagel.

   12.) Movement:  Very well, good motion, litte more lift than reach, good movement.


2 X Best of Breed, 1 X Group 2nd.

AKC - 1 x Reserve Winners Bitch




"Heidi" at 2 years - "Jenny" paternal sister at 11 months.




September 1st, 2005:  We are very excited as Heidi has just produced her first litter on September 1st - 10 girls, 1 boy - possibly six silvers, and five blues.  Pups and Mom are all doing very well.  Watch for Heidi on the show circuit again in 2006.  It is planned for Heidi  to stay with Friendships & Horizons (daughter Mishelle's kennel name) for one more year for a second litter, and then she will be available to a new home.  If you are interested in Heidi please contact us.  She needs to be in a home without cats.  We purchased Heidi at 18 months from her breeder Kim Koopman who had retrieved Heidi out of a difficult situation.  She is a gorgeous "Sterling" daughter, and would be a complement to anyone's breeding/showing program.





H2 Litter:  Heidi was taken up to Washington in Spring 2007 to breed to Patrician Gypsy Tramp'n Thief.  She was ultrasounded at 30 days, and was carrying a "number" of pups, all viable.  A few days after ultrasound Heidi went off food.  This was at the time that so many brands were being recalled.  Unfortunately it included one of the brands that Heidi's diet was being supplemented with, and she ended up aborting the litter.  Heidi has returned to good health, but had an abnormal heat cycle pattern for a few months so has not been rebred.  There are plans to breed her again later in 2008 with hopefully good results.  If you are interested in a show quality puppy out of Heidi please keep watch of the "Litter" page.

Below are the beautiful boys remaining of the H2 LITTER!!  DOB:   JULY 23RD, 2008.

H2 Litter - Born July 23rd, 2008.  Heidi produced a beautiful litter of 3 black and 1 blue male puppies.  Heidi was been bred to Porter (Penn Hip 60%, VWD Clear - will have pedigree soon) a beautiful really dark brown young male.   Heidi evidently does not carry her mother's brown gene so we did not end up with any browns or silver beige.     Heidi is co-owned by Mishelle and Jean Fulton.


           Intl CH Kaycori Heidi Ho pictured at 2 yrs of age....and....Mandns Porter Von Zephyr at 18 months of age

Heidi:  Penn Hip 90%/VWD-Clear/Cerf & SA - Neg  

Porter:  Penn Hip 60%/VWD-Clear   



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Here are the latest pictures of the H2 litter boys remaining at 12 weeks  and their weights.


      H2-1  Horizons Ford Taurus "Taurie"  At 12 wks  26.0#  Now Neutered & 6 months of age  $1350.00 (SORRY -RETAINED BY BREEDER)

2nd Pick of the litter!  Very nice puppy, good family companion - service/therapy dog - obedience.  An all around delightful puppy.


   H2-2  Horizons Mountain Climber "Montie"   At 12 wks 23.6# Now Neutered & 6 months of age  $1300.00 (SORRY, PLACED BY BREEDER)


      H2-3  Horizons Night Time Traveler "Travis"   At 12wks 24.0# Pick of the Litter (SORRY, SOLD-Montana)

 $1160.00 Ltd/$1260.00 Ultd with retained services.

The boys are now crate trained, well started on house breaking and grooming training, have had their second vaccine and three month grooming and a flea treatment.  These are delightful puppies that had been reserved in advance, however two of the deposits on the litter have been moved to next year due to the families with reservations having financial or health problems and needing to delay getting a new puppy until 2009-2010.   The "boys" have all been well started on early obedience commands, leash & travel training.  They must been seen to be appreciated.    Taurie & Montie have now been neutered and are beautiful well grown pups at six months of age.  They did very well at the vets office for their neutering, with Taurie being very outgoing and Montie slightly more mellow but accepting of the new situation.  Both are very loving and their training is coming along beautifully.